The County Executive Committee consists of all Precinct Chairs, Committee Chairs, Secretary/Treasurer and County Chair but only the County Chair & Precinct Chairs are able to vote on official business required by the Texas Election Code.

County Executive Committee

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John R. Berry



Sharon Van Baale

I am a Republican and enjoyed the previous 4 terms as Chair.  I resigned as Chair 7/19/21 and agreed to be John's Vice Chair.  Thank you for your support over the past years.

My opinion now and probably until we have a new Republican President and Republican led Congress, is "to do our part to save this last bastion of freedom, the United States of America!"  I think I'll go back to several that are from years ago, too, "Love it or Leave it."  "Get over it."  "Love one another, the way I have loved you."  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

This is the Land of the Free.  We have the right to choose, to speak, to carry firearms, to life, to work, to play, to be happy, to be safe and to take our grievances to the government.  We do not have the right to be a citizen without playing by the rules.  We do not have the right to murder, rape, pillage, destroy our history, kidnap, sell children or sneak into this country without permission.  We should not have to question our government's intentions towards us, it's citizens. 

I am an avid Trump supporter.  He has done more for this country than most people even think about.  We need to drain the swamp of all those slimy creatures from both sides of the aisle, so we can get our President back into the Oval office.  

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Precinct 1 Chair

Melanie Berry

I am a Republican because I am a strong Christian who believes in a limited fiscally responsible government. I am a Constitutionalist who is pro-second amendment, pro-life, and pro-family/parental rights.  I believe our rights are granted by God, not by the government, and that the powers of the government must be checked by the citizenry.  I believe that the foundation of our government begins at the local level, and if we lose sight of that or let that go, then we lose our influence/foundation.  We must be strong locally to be a strong state and thus strong nationally. 

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Precinct 2 Chair



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Precinct 3 Chair



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Precinct 4 Chair

Deanna Jenkins

The Republican Party most closely adheres with my beliefs.

Some of the more important values are listed below:

Conservative fiscal responsibility.

The U. S. Constitution interpreted as written not something that evolves over time.

Judges who interpret the laws, not make new laws.

The sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

Strong borders to maintain national sovereignty and security.

Maintain strong Military to achieve peace through strength.

Personal accountability and responsibility.


I hope if you agree with some of the reasons I’ve listed above you will consider joining the Jack County GOP. We could use your help to promote these ideals and elect candidates who believe as we do.

Precinct 5 Chair

Charlie Edmonson

I want to help implement good changes within our county and state for the betterment of all people.  I have lived in Jack County for 40 years, married to Kathy for 41 years, have 2 grown boys, 4 grandkids and am a truck driver by trade.  God, family, country, in that order, is how I believe.


Precinct 6 Chair

Vicki Briscoe



Ruth Rogers