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Party Structure

RNC:  Republican National Committee

RPT:  Republican Party of Texas

TFRW:  Texas Federation of Republican Women

RPJC:  Republican Party of Jack County

SREC:  State Republican Executive Committee

CEC:  County Executive Committee. 

Chair is used to denote the position of a female or male in the role of chairman  

SD:  Senate District-State Senator

CD:  Congressional District-U.S. Representative

HD:  House District-State Representative


The party structure begins with, as in our Republic..."we, the people"

(1) Grassroots - we, the people, divided into voter precincts within each county in the state

(2) CEC- is comprised of Precinct Chairs, elected in the Primary Election by their precinct and is the representative for their precinct only.  The CEC conducts the business (mostly Primary election-related) of the county party led by the Chair and is held accountable to follow their by-laws, those of the State Party and those laws and rules given by the Secretary of State and the State Legislature.

(3) County Chair-Elected in the Primary Election by all precincts, sits on the CEC, runs the local party on a day-to-day basis and is responsible, by law, for the Primary Election.  He/She is the spokesperson for the party.

(4) SREC- one Committeeman and one Committeewoman are elected by their SDs at the Republican State Convention to represent each Senatorial District and conduct the business of the state party

(5) RPT- At the State Convention, the Chair and Vice-Chair are elected.  If the Chair is a woman, then the Vice-Chair must be a man and visa-versa.  The SREC, led by the Chair, conducts the business of the State Party. The rest of the organization is made up by paid workers and volunteers. 

(6) National Committeeman and Committeewoman- are elected at the State Convention to represent the Republican Party of Texas at the Republican National Committee.


There are also many auxiliaries like:  Texas Young Republicans; High School Republicans of Texas; Texas Federation of Hispanic Republicans; Texas Federation of African American Republicans; Texas Republican County Chairmen Association and more. 

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