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Living under the New Regime

Updated: Jun 30, 2021


We knew when Biden "won" the election that things would change, but WOW, that fast???

We knew when President Trump was going through all of the things the extreme Left was dishing out, that he would survive. We knew we would survive, but could our country survive this onslaught of Socialist/Communist ideology?

I'm one of those that believe Trump is coming on his white horse somehow, to save the day even though I know he is not Christ, but I do believe that God is guiding him the way he should go, as well as others.

Can this really be happening in our beloved country, The United States of America? How has this happened on our watch?

I love seeing parents rise up (finally) and fight the indoctrination of their children by schools and universities, currently involving Critical Race Theory. It is an uplifting thing to see after all this time. Being in the trenches for several years, fighting the encroachment of the Democrat Army of miscreants, through my support and activism with the Republican Party, I have to say, "Hooray for the parents!"

I used to be so aggravated that they never recognized that the Board of Education was the danger to their children a lot more that the School Board or teachers, since they are the ones that set the curriculum (Found Here.) The local Board of Education member that represents our district and what they all decide on what is "best" for our children is important enough in my opinion to miss one football game and come to a local meeting to speak with and question candidates that will represent these parents and children on the SBOE.

This year the State of Texas, through the House, Senate and Governor, have made it illegal to teach CRT, but did you know that?

Reaching out to our children is how wrong ideas get ingrained in their thinking, like changing history to suit the political climate. Hitler was the perfect example of indoctrinating children to hate their parents, to be bigoted against anyone who didn't fit his profile of perfection, to be "good" soldiers protecting his regime of "a better life without Jews." What are we witnessing today?

Black lives DO matter. So do brown, red, white and blue. My thinking is that we are all and should be proud to be... AMERICANS (not something-Americans.) We live in this great country and welcome all who come here legally. Most of us get along with and socialize with all the people around us, especially the children. Children don't see color or a difference of religious beliefs as reasons to hate someone else. They learn it. It's like cats and dogs. They do not have a natural hate for each other. It is taught to them. We used to call ourselves Americans because we love this country. Now, I will be surprised if someone doesn't try to erase me for not being "woke." I hate that term, by the way.

This brings me back to the beginning of this part of Living under the New Regime. Who knew we would be living this nightmare after such a great four years with Trump? How can anyone not like the country when we were prospering in all areas?

Let's pay more attention to understanding and loving our neighbors, erasing political correctness and searching for solutions that bring us back together after years of Left-Wing officials, news outlets and social media driving us apart.

Let me know what you think about how things are for you, now. I'm ready to move further off the grid, but I won't give up trying to bridge the gap between all the chasms opened up by the Democrats.

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