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Activism 101

TO DO OUR PART IN MAKING OUR COUNTRY GREAT, AGAIN, we must join in with those that are trying to change things for the good of "we, the people." We must be part of the solution and not the problem. We must speak out. We must write letters to the editor. We must blog. We must fax, email, write or call our representatives at all levels of government. We must participate at the grassroots level in our political party and man phone banks, get out into our neighborhoods and introduce our candidates or encourage people to vote for our best candidates. We need to thoroughly vet or investigate each candidate to find out what they believe in and how they vote and how solid they are. We must run for office. We must become precinct chairs and volunteers. We must attend the precinct, county, and state conventions. We must be willing to hold others accountable by paying attention to exactly how good a job they are doing in representing us. We must DO something.

OUR BIGGEST WEAPON IS OUR VOTE! We must vote and we must vote against Liberalism, Socialism and Sharia Law, not only because it's the right thing to do, but because it goes totally against our Republic form of government as presented in our Constitution. We must vote and get other conservatives to vote, in the MID-TERM ELECTIONS to retain our majority and continue the work of President Trump and other conservatives. We must continue to move forward with getting conservatives in the Supreme Court approved, bills passed that keep our Constitution intact, and Socialism defeated in this great USA!

ONE OF OUR BIGGEST ENEMIES IS APATHY. Apathy will destroy this country just as thoroughly as voting for the liberals to be in power. That's why you are seeing, as the "sleeping giant" of "we, the people" have awakened and elected President Trump, Republicans, tea parties and other conservatives are coming forth and making a big difference. That's why you are seeing the liberal media always attacking President Trump. People that are tired of the status quo are standing up and participating in the grassroots movement, either through the Republican Party or the tea parties. They are doing something. They have moved beyond apathy and are standing up for our Constitution and our personal rights. If your silence (apathy) gives consent, imagine the change that could be brought about by millions more people that finally decide to speak out? Let's help make our country great, again....

For more information read my posts and/or visit the following tabs on this website:

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(The opinions and statements in this blog are mine and may or may not represent any other person or persons.)

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