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Accountability Ultimately Falls Back to “We, the People”

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Over the past few years, a lot of people have been waking up to the fact that we are losing pride in our country. We now live under so many regulations and executive orders, of which we had no choice, that the American Spirit is being slowly extinguished. With Congress passing bills without even reading them, the EPA’s overreaching regulations, Homeland Security privacy breaches, Presidential executive orders circumventing Congress, failure to enforce immigration laws, and so much more, do we really want a federal government so out of touch with reality and “we, the people” that it puts us at risk? Of course, we do not!

It’s time to take our country back beginning with accepting that……accountability falls back to “we, the people” whose responsibility it is to take charge by thoroughly vetting candidates, by going to the voting booth in droves to vote in every election, replacing those who do not measure up to our standards, and consequently, as voters, contacting them over and over to convince them that we are paying attention.

In the upcoming election, we need representatives with integrity and common sense solutions, which I see people like Senator Ted Cruz, Governors Sarah Palin and Rick Perry, Dr. Ben Carson and others offering. I think these times of Socialism during Obama's term in the Presidency have been a wakeup call to many of us. This is the United States of America, but won't be long if there are not more of us trying to save the remaining freedom that we have left.

We have trusted a government to take care of us for way too long, allowing corruption to become more prevalent than honesty and integrity…allowing our Constitution and our Flag to be trampled. The lack of accountability is our fault and we need to take the blame for that…own it, step into it, and change it…NOW!

Let's begin to repair this country by holding ourselves and our representatives accountable, respecting each other, helping our neighbors, stop believing that color, income, or social status makes a difference, and accepting the blessings God has for us when we follow Him. If we live courteously and allow others to do their jobs and tend to our own business without the government overstepping their bounds in our lives, then maybe, we can shrink our government, regaining some of our freedom, National Pride, and American Greatness. We can do this!

Republicans believe in life, free markets, family values, God, and that people should be accountable for their own actions, among many other positive things. Read the Republican Party of Texas’ platform: HERE

I would like to hear your solutions to any of today's problems. Please comment or contact me on the Contact Us tab.

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