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What About God?

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

I believe the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution have their roots in Godly principles. The Texas GOP platform includes references to our reliance on God.

It has really become evident that this country is on a track toward losing her identity as a free and prosperous nation. I can’t even blame it on a “party” or race or person. What I see happening to “we, the people” is a move away from God; a lack of living as He intended us to do and the laziness we have in trusting everyone else to take care of our freedom, giving our own government much more power over us than we allow God.

If you go back to our beginnings and move forward, it has been our belief in God that has gotten us through our national tragedies.

I have read articles, lately, about how America is in her last days of freedom; that we are moving toward total chaos and it is moving from the riot in Missouri to the riot in Baltimore and will spread from there; and about the potential of martial law, as being seen through the Jade Helm 15 operation fears; and about how radical Islam and terrorist groups are infiltrating many aspects of our lives; not to mention the millions of babies being murdered in abortion clinics, bakers and florists being sued for refusing service to gays, the definition of marriage being challenged, and how much money it is costing us to support all of the people being allowed to freely flow illegally into our country.

The warnings in these articles originated from those watching the progression of policies coming out of our government and the resulting unrest that they have created. For example, Abortion-legalizing murder of babies; Gay rights-creating a special class of people with special rights not allowed to others and taking away others’ rights; Spending more than they make-(1) allowing debt to China, a Communist country, tying them to our survival(2) causing economic chaos across the land, (3) taking companies “too big to fail” out of the free enterprise system; Our own president and other leaders encouraging race baiting and bad economic policies-causing riots, fear and hardship to many; Christians being persecuted-affecting our freedom to practice our religion; Terrorists being protected by non-profiling practices, released from Gitmo to go fight again, traded for traitors, and allowed access to our country through uncontrolled borders; Degradation of our military-lack of equipment, decimation of the command, loss of being able to worship God in public, generally undermining their will to serve; Infringement of our gun rights; and many, many other encroachments of our rights, our safety and the greatness of our country.

At some point, as a country, we left God behind for our own human pursuits and our survival as a country to politicians in D.C. As Christians, we allowed it to happen because many of us do not speak up or act, when God calls us to act. God is big enough to change all of this around, but why should he if all we want to do is pursue our own happiness, not following His rules and trusting that the government will take care of us?

This attitude is not working, so we need a real change…a change back to God and Godly living, not to relying on more government or our own humanity.

#CurrentEvents #GodampCountry

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