Who are YOU voting for?

So what are the top reasons that you would vote for a particular candidate? Why is it important that you vet the candidates? Here are eight of many reasons people vote for a particular candidate and my opinion as to why they are or are not good stand alone reasons.

1. Name recognition. This is one of the top reasons people vote for a candidate. If the candidate is not the best one for the job, keep scrolling. Vet (examine) your candidates before you go to the voting booth.

2. Issues. No candidate will agree with you on every issue. Set your “absolutes” at the top of your list and prioritize the less important issues to be able to make a wiser choice.

3. “Because my spouse is…” Just because a friend, boss or spouse is voting for a candidate, does not necessarily mean they know better than you. Vet your candidates and share your information with them. Then decide.

4. Voting Record. (if they already hold an office) A candidate’s voting record is a great place to find out just how conservative/liberal they are and just how they will spend your money.

5. Great Speaker. Politicians are usually great speakers, but not necessarily great leaders. Trust your intuition on this one, but find out more about them. Are they telling the truth or just what this crowd wants to hear?

6. Win Debates. Who determines the winner…an impartial mediator or a biased one? Also, we’ve seen a great man lose debate after debate, but he was still a great, proven leader, even if he wasn’t a great debater. Vet your candidate further.

7. Incumbent. Did he/she do a good job? Go back to #4. How does he/she fit in with your “issues” list in #2? Vet him/her, again, anyway.