Does Our Election Process Need Fixing?

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

I just read an article on a website I follow that was talking about the next GOP presidential ticket being already set and naming the winners.

So, I guess we don’t even need to go through the process. I can just resign and help the Tea Parties start up their own national party to defeat the establishment and get our country back to being run by “we, the people.”

Granted, this article is only the opinion of one person, the author of the blog, but still… If this is the way the election process is going to work, then not only is our government screwed up, so is the process that gets “our choice” of representatives into it. I can follow this person’s line of thinking in one way, and that is since politicians have screwed up our system so badly, can we even expect it to be fixable?

I know there are a lot of people out there that do not vote because they say it does not do any good. There are voters that believe maybe this time will be different and their vote WILL matter, so they keep trying. And there are voters that still believe in the system, so they vote every time, knowing they have made a difference.

If we quit believing in the system, utilizing it’s potential, and protecting our right to vote, it will quit working. Over the years, the system has been threatened, especially by the liberals who want a huge government that controls everything, thereby taking away our freedom leaving us with an Oligarchy, where a small number of people control our country, instead of a Republic that is run by the Rule of Law, leaving us the freedom to choose who represents us in government.

In our election system, there has been illegal activity at the polls and within some voting systems, but that is really not the norm. We have options in place to keep elections honest, like poll watchers, trained election judges and mandatory testing done on voting machines. When the elections are over, the machines count the votes, but they are then sent to the parties to be canvassed and certified. In our county, the Republican Party County Executive Committee holds a meeting to do just that for our part of the election. It is required by the Secretary of State for each party that holds a Primary Election. We then turn in that tally to the County Clerk, Secretary of State and the Republican Party of Texas.

It is at these canvassing sessions that our CEC makes sure the voters have voted in the right precinct, are not candidates of another party, and the tally of the manual lists matches that of the machines.

So, even though an opinion of someone sparked a touch of irritation in my mind with their preplanned ticket of Romney/Ryan, I still believe in the system and I encourage you to, as well. Please exercise your right to vote at every opportunity.

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